ToSwim Inclusive

We believe in a swimming life for all.

We fund projects on inclusion and sport ability in the swimming sector.

Who We Are

We are a community of swimmers.

We support projects mainly in the sport ability and social inclusion sector. We believe in providing opportunities to individuals of all ages, sizes, socioeconomic levels and diverse psycho-motor abilities with the opportunity to adopt swimming as a way of life.


Our projects work towards sport ability and social inclusion.


Laboratorio Subacqueo Inclusivo Diverse Ability

Partner: Associazione N.S.A / Diverse Ability

The project finances a swimming pool course entirely dedicated to students with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

Third edition of the Laboratorio Subacqueo Inclusivo Diverse Ability.

March – June 2024

  • 10/15 students
  • 10 lessons in the pool (two hours per lesson)
  • n.1 exit to the sea

Our Community

We are committed to transparency and accountability.

We are a wide team of ambassadors, partners, advisors and sponsors searching to make swimming more accessible and inclusive. All donations and contributions coming through the ToSwim Inclusive go directly to our supporting projects.


We believe in providing more swimming opportunities for families.

We have partnered with swimming pools and sport centers with swimming pools to provide free swimming lessons and courses for boys and girls who suffer from a physical or mental problem or whose family suffers from economic or social hardship.

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